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Chicago Police and Firefighter Training Academy

2012 Graduation

Tue, 06/05/2012

On June 5, 2012, the Chicago Police and Firefighter Training Academy held it's graduation ceremony at the IIT campus.

You can download a copy of this video slide show at https://vimeo.com/45522523

I. Navarro, CPFTA Cadet Class of 2001

I was in one of the first CPFTA classes. I attended the last two years of highschool and my site was Kelly High School. I had to take a bus to Kelly High School after I finished my classes at Kennedy and it was well worth it. The program provided a paid internship during the summer and even provided work for us during our college years. Two years of my college was paid for in full by the program. I went on to become an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician-Basic), Paramedic (Emergency Medical Technician-Paramedic) and an EMD (Emergency Medical Dispatcher).

I thank each and every person who started this program from the bottom of my heart because it made me who I am today. This program prepared me for life and the real world. My future plans are to attend Nursing School. God Bless everyone who made this program possible.

To the future CPFTA Cadets: Be prepared for the adventure of your life, you will hold the memories of this program forever in your heart.

To the Parents of future CPFTA Cadets: This program is excellent preparation for future EMT's, Paramedics, Fire Fighters, Police Officers, and anyone who wants to experience a military based program. This program taught me true discipline, dedication, loyalty and so many other life lessons. This program will not disappoint you or your child.

I. Navarro
CPFTA Cadet Class of 2001, Kennedy High School

2009-2011 Year In Review

Thu, 12/01/2011

2009-2011 Year In Review We are very pleased to be able to share this PDF version of the CPFTA 2009-2011 Year In Review. We hope you enjoy the photos and accolades.

Many people were instrumental in making this yearbook a reality including Agent Leatheia Brady-Rhodes, FF Aubrey Earls, Cmdr. Carmelita Wiley-Earls, Lt. Frank Brim, PO Paul Chester, Ms. Jaidah Wilson, Ms. Sandra Castillo, Cadet Richard Claudio, Mr. Jonathan Aponte, Ms. Milly Giron, Commissioner Robert Hoff, Director Tracy Ladner, Mr. Terry Mazany, Chancellor Cheryl Hyman, CPFTA Class of 2012, and CPFTA Class of 2011. Thank you so much for dedicating your time and effort!

Aaron Ambroziak: CPFTA Class of 2012 : Summer Internship

I had the opportunity to work with one of your candidates names Aaron Ambroziak, during the summer internship program. I would like you to know what a pleasure this young man was to work with. He was always on time, prompt and eagar to learn everything that was going on. He came with a strong knowledge of firefighting due to having multiple family members who are firefighters and excellent role models for this young man. Aaron was always excited and asked multiple questions. Aaron volunteered to stay beyond the scheduled hours in order to gain first hand experience with the Airport Rescue Fire Fighting (ARFF) equipment, functions and operations.

Aaron displayed great leadership qualities. I have no doubt that Aaron will continue in the tradition of becoming the next generation of firefighters that will make a significant impact in the world. He already has his college plans in motion and will let nothing stop him. The Chicago Fire Department can look to hire this young man in the next five years. When the Chicago Fire Department does, please direct Aaron back to District Three Headquarters. It would be a pleasure and an honor to have Aaron as one of our member.

Lieutenant Leslie Muse
District Three Headquarters, Chicago Fire Department


Sandra Castillo
Mon, 03/01/2010

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