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Fortunato Brown, CPFTA Cadet Class of 2005

I graduated from the CPFTA Program in 2005 and went to Washington College for a year. I didn’t really like college so joined the army as an infantryman. I am now serving overseas in Bayji, Iraq. I’m doing a 15-month deployment. I will come home on December 21, 2008. Wish me luck!

Fortunato Brown, CPFTA Cadet Class of 2005

Elizabeth Campos, U.S.M.C. Corporal, CPFTA Cadet Class of 2005

Well, what can I say, college wasn’t for me, and so I did the next best thing: I joined the military. I’m a United States Marine now! I’ve been in the Marines for 2 years now, and I’m currently stationed in Okinawa, Japan. Being away from home for 2 years really makes me appreciate it. Now don’t get me wrong, I love what I do. I’ve been to so many places: Hawaii, Phillipines, and Korea. I haven’t been to Iraq yet but as soon as I finish my tour in Japan and go back to the states, I will be going. I’m just using the military as a stepping stone towards my true goal: The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). I just want to thank all the instructors and staff that made the CPFTA program possible. Thanks to them, I now know what it feels like to set a goal and work towards it. I will be going back to school when I am ready: I want my degree. Thank you once again.

Elizabeth Campos, U.S.M.C. Corporal, CPFTA Cadet Class of 2005

Tony Romero; Farragut Career Academy, CPFTA Cadet Class of 2003

I attended Western Illinois University and graduated with a B.S. degree in Law Enforcement in May 2006. In April 2007 I was hired by the Palatine Police Department as a police officer, and have been working there ever since. I appreciate everything the CPFTA did for me, and am proud to be a graduate of such a fine program.

Tony Romero, CPFTA Cadet Class of 2003
Farragut Career Academy

Airman 1st Class Michael D. Rivera; Lane Tech High School, CPFTA Cadet Class of 2005

I was a member of the CPFTA Program from my junior year in high school through my sophomore year in college. I learned so much information. I am currently enlisted in the United States Air Force as a military police officer but I cannot wait until the day I come back and apply all the knowledge that I was taught by the CPFTA to the streets of Chicago with the CPD. I am grateful for every second I had in the CPFTA.

Airman 1st Class Michael D. Rivera, CPFTA Cadet Class of 2005
Lane Tech High School

LaDrina Jones; Morgan Park High School, CPFTA Cadet Class of 2007

I am attending Harold Washington College. My major is Criminal Justice, which is an awesome course of study. It’s very informative and helpful to my future career. My G.P.A is a 3.5 and progressing. I intend to complete my two years at Harold and receive my Associate’s Degree. Afterwards, I plan to attend a 4-year college, majoring in English and minoring in Accounting, while on the Chicago Police Department force (to receive the experience needed for a permanent career with the FBI). I live the college life to the fullest! I’m not rushing into anything but I’m not letting great opportunities pass me by!

LaDrina Jones, CPFTA Cadet Class of 2007
Morgan Park High School

Ron Robinson; De La Salle High School, CPFTA Cadet Class of 2002

I graduated from the CPFTA program in 2002, and since then I have gone on to get my EMT and Paramedic license. I don’t think this would have been possible without the scholarship I received that paid for both. I have worked several jobs in the fire service and I have been full time as a firefighter/paramedic in Hazel Crest for over a year. I definitely have to thank all the instructors as well as administrators who gave me the tools and the confidence to pursue my life-long dream of becoming a firefighter.

Ron Robinson, CPFTA Cadet Class of 2002
De La Salle High School

Felicia Ross; Harper High School, CPFTA Cadet Class of 2005

I am currently enrolled in Olive Harvey College majoring in Nursing. The CPFTA program really inspired me to want to help people. Officer Paul Chester, who I still keep in contact wit h today, was my biggest inspiration. Both the Police Academy and Fire Academy were fun but, the Police Academy was my favorite part.

Felicia Ross, CPFTA Cadet Class of 2005
Harper High School

Terrell Walsh; Chicago Vocational Career Academy, CPFTA Cadet Class of 2001

The website is great. I was in the second class of the CPFTA program. In my class, I believe there were only 20 cadets in the program. I had a chance to attend last year’s graduation and to see so many cadets in the program made me feel so happy. The CPFTA program is really successful. Joining the program was the best thing I did in high school. I miss all of the teachers and officers that helped me to be a better person. To all cadets, good luck!

Terrell Walsh, CPFTA Cadet Class of 2001
Chicago Vocational Career Academy

Edisa Rahmanovic; Schurz High School, CPFTA Class of 2005

Hi. I am a CPFTA graduate and first of all I want to thank all the instructors for being there for me when I needed them. I would like to especially thank Officer Chester, who is one of the most understanding people in this program. I attended Harold Washington College and now I attend High Tech Institute of Sacramento. I want to wish luck to new- comers and let them know that this academy needs motivated people who give 110 percent in what they do. Those kind of people have an easy life and know what they want.

Edisa Rahmanovic, CPFTA Class of 2005
Schurz High School

Angelica Dobynes; Manley Career Academy, CPFTA Cadet Class of 2005

I have always wanted to be a police officer. So when I found out that I could get hands-on experience in high school, I jumped at the chance. During the two years that I was involved with the CPFTA I learned a lot. We went on trips to test our navigational and physical skills, we learned about laws and their many different classifications, we met amazing people who had many years of on-the-job experiences and were great officers like Officer Chester and Officer Snelling. We were pushed to condition our bodies and then pushed some more, and we were motivated and inspired and encouraged by everyone for the path we had chosen. CPFTA is a great way to get on the road to success when interested in law enforcement. It will change your life.

Angelica Dobynes, CPFTA Cadet Class of 2005
Manley Career Academy

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